Arsenal Countdown to Title: 8 questions to watch

Arsenal inspiringly win and manage turndown Everton thanks with the brilliant performance from Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck. Overall the team can answer question from the fans and manager to get a win after 8 matches Arsenal underperformed. Iwobi is very vital to the game because he doesn’t hesitate to play his natural game and he seems already fitted quickly into the team. Now 8 matches to go with Leicester still got 5 points in front of Spurs and 8 points for Arsenal. With Arsenal title hopes is on fire at Premier League, let’s see 8 questions for Arsenal to answer.

1. Will Arsenal managed to get clean sweep?

This is Premier League, and there’s nothing impossible to win or to lose against any team. The odds can’t be counted, but the thing to believe is Arsenal mentality to keep strong in focus to win. The urge is high on this one, but if you look in schedule Arsenal might dropped points from possible 24 points.

Arsenal Countdown to Title: 8 questions to watch

As Manc.City and West Ham could give Arsenal hard fight and Sunderland away is a risk for fitness play. Ozil and Sanchez form are vital for this race, and Welbeck explosive form will be on the tip of spear for Arsenal attacking pose. Schedule will tight, and the key to success the plan is if Arsenal could push the game, they’d probably manage to get clean sweep.

2. Will Arsenal managed to get Cazorla and Wilshere in time?

The loss of both players really affected Arsenal strength in middle, as Oxlade-Chamberlain didn’t work out and Ozil can’t do all season, Arsenal need someone who has high vision to attack and control the ball as they manage to get possession. Arsene has told media that Cazorla and Wilshere still weeks away from getting back but April 1st and probably in second week, Cazorla and Wilshere got their debut from injuries. And their presence will help in Sunderland and Man.City match.

3. Arsene, Where he would be next?

This is probably the second terms of bad atmosphere for Arsene Wenger. After almost get sacked in FA Cup final in 2013, he managed to save his lifeline after getting the trophy. Now it seems Arsenal fans wants more, and the least Arsenal fans could take was EPL title. Now to reach that expectation was very hard with surprising Leicester take the lead and Spurs is in front of Arsenal on table. Even it still had 8 matches to go, but it would be hard for Arsenal as reminder about the form.

Even Arsene still got the contract until 2017, but it looks like it would be closer than everyone thought. As if they’re failed to get the trophy for doing so, I don’t think the fans manage to get likes of him once more.

4. Ozil and Sanchez contract? 

The boys are excited about this two in the squad, their presence itself was uplifting the morale of the team. Now if they’re gone, what will affect Arsenal? Is it like when Arsenal letting go Nasri and Fabregas? And what will makes them stay? Is it Arsene or trophy?  You can guess later.

5. The future of Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini? 

Of course this would be the off topic on Arsenal fans right now, as Rosicky is far from fit, Arteta seems in bad shape and Flamini is not fans favorite. But there’s no way you could left off these gentlemen from Arsenal last FA Cup success. Arteta could be Arsenal’s coach or elsewhere, Rosicky could be back to Czech, USA or even Germany, and Flamini will concentrate on his company. But how the fans react to the experienced players will be interesting to see.

6. Bad performance from British Core. Why?

Arsenal have their own British core in the squad, but this year isn’t their year probably. Wilshere and Jenkinson are off season, Gibbs is back but he still behind Nacho in terms of consistency, Oxlade-Chamberlain can’t do maximize his chance and off right now, Walcott is good at first but the past form is very disappointing. The best Arsenal could get are Ramsey who maintain the fitness and Welbeck who’s back on track. The rest could be still in off mode and after this season, The fans could demands something.

7. Will Kroenke go out? Usmanov in? Or someone new? 

Arsenal is a big club and very attractive for every fans in the world. The new generation of social media is known Arsenal since the growth of the club since Bergkamp and Henry era. The result is Arsenal the fifth biggest followers club in the world right now, and it would be good for business.

But Kroenke and Gazidis are not in good relationship with the fans since the bad performance, sharing profits and tickets price problem. The several part of fans wanted Usmanov would take over but some of them not. It could be take leeches out for another leeches. But if both of them didn’t take it, will the Middle Eastern take the role?  It could be good for Arsenal, but I’m afraid Arsenal could be the next Malaga.

8. If Arsene go, who’s you gonna call?

If Arsenal failed, who’s Arsenal fans gonna call? Joachim Low is one of the name on Arsenal’s fans lips, it could be Koeman, it could be Pellegrini or even Jurgen Klopp. Or it could be someone else out there?

Thierry Henry is far from that but Dennis Bergkamp is closest by the license and experience. Steve Bould could do, but will it prosper? The worst could be Jose Mourinho, the one who Arsenal fans thought the one who never going to Arsenal, but who knows? It would be a great thing for front page.

You could see me in, and following my scope view in Twitter@anzalariveris. Hope you love it.

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